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A Quick Guide To Safe Generator Usage

In many locations around the world, where electricity supplies are unreliable or have been damaged as a result of a natural disaster, the hire of portable generators is a common resort for thousands of people. Unfortunately, while power may be restored, the usage of a generator can bring with it further risks of a different nature.

2 Days ago, in the aftermath of the tornado outbreak in Tennessee, an elderly couple were found dead in their home following an apparent misuse of a portable generator they had hired in the wake of the destruction wrought by the tornado. Such a story highlights the need to take extreme care when operating such a piece of machinery.

Plenty of official government sites provide safety information regarding the use of generators in such situations, and warn against the very serious threats posed by such machines. It is generally accepted that the primary concern is that of Carbon Monoxide poisoning; the assumed cause of death for the elderly couple in Tennessee.

If a generator is kept in a confined space, such as a closed garage or basement, the risk of toxic fumes infiltrating your living space and causing CO poisoning is greatly heightened. Even if windows and doors are opened, and a good deal of ventilation is provided, intoxication of your home/garage will not be entirely prevented.

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