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Become Bella Or a Cullen With a Twilight Jewelry Necklace

Let’s face it – just about everyone has heard of Twilight by now. The popular series of books by Stephenie Meyer about vampires and and the love between friends and soul mates have struck accord with both teenager girls and adult women a like. The first movie based on the books, Twilight, was released in 2008 and did well. However, it was only pale in comparison to the release of New Moon in November 2009, and as you can guess, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon.

The practice of cashing out on popular movies in not new – Disney has done is successful since the days of Snow White. However, with the merchandise available for Twilight fans is for a different audience. NECA has created a line of replica jewelry worn by the film’s characters, allowing you to literally “become” Bella, Edward, Rosalie, Alice, or anyone you choose. These pieces of jewelry have become extremely popular, possibly because the following Twilight has is often fond of costume reenactments, (think ComiCon or other popular conventions).

A Twihard (the nickname of Twilight fans) can choose one Twilight jewelry Wolf Ring out of over 20 officially licensed versions available. The most popular necklaces include Rosalie’s necklace and Alice’s choker. Each features the Cullen crest and are of top quality. These pieces were first released along side Edward’s wristcuff, Esme’s Bracelet, and Carlislie’s ring for the first movie. After selling out quickly during Christmas of 2008, the pieces were rereleased along with other New Moon jewelry in 2009. If you’re looking for these pieces, be careful – many will overestimate their value by listing “first run pieces” as sold out, while (with the exception of Carlislie’s ring_ all are still available at retail or near-retail cost (Note: The Rosalie necklace continues to run out of stock in many stores, so you may need to pay a little more for that piece. We recommend Amazon).

If you simply want a fan piece and not one of the Twilight replica jewelry pieces, you could turn to the Lion and Lamb broken heart necklace. A classic friendship necklace, this heart is inscribed with the popular quote “And so the lion fell in love with the lamb”. This is only one of the broken heart necklaces available, as NECA has also released the Wolf Pack friendship necklace. In fact, Team Jacob fans will be very pleased with the number of Wolf Pack, tribal, and Native American themed necklaces available. You may want to consider one with a turquoise stone or a dream catcher.

All of these options are based on the fact that you’re a “good girl”. If you prefer the villains, the introduction of the Volturi Clan in Twilight Saga: New Moon has provided a number of great collectibles. Gaining in popularity is the Volturi Crest necklace featuring the crest of the villainous coven. Not to be outdone, other Volturi merchandise include a poster, key chain, scarf, magnets, and more.

As you can see, if you are shopping for a Twilight fan, your choices are practically endless.

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