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Pain Management Epidural Injections As a Treatment for Acute Back Pain

Patients seeking relief from extreme lower back pain are usually doing so from a bulging or herniated disc. Chiropractic medicine is often chosen as an alternative to invasive and risky surgeries when pain medications and physical therapies have been exhausted without much success Mk 677 for sale. Patients are searching for a non-surgical means of pain relief to help alleviate the pressure around the affected pain and flush out the painful chemicals built up around the site.

The Painful Reality

Pain, whether it takes the form of an acute reaction to a stimulus or it is a chronic issue resulting from a permanent injury, will always be here. Even if an individual makes it through life without an injury pain will likely still come to fruition through age with wear and tear on the joints by normal use Lgd 4033 for sale. But the threat of pain is no longer as concerning as before, because we as a society have become more apt at dealing with pain treatment and the rehabilitation of an affected area.

Non-Surgical Steroid Treatments

One of the most common non-surgical methods of pain treatment is that of an ESI, an epidural steroid injection, as a direct means to counter the pain. They have been administered in practices beginning in 1952 with the sole goal of pain relief, often being enough on their own to be considered treatment for the pain in the lumbar and cervical areas of the body Mk 2866 for sale. An ESI is a direct injection to the affected area guided routinely by an x-ray or a full fluoroscopy, which is a real time x-ray source which helps improve needle placement accuracy.