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Real Men Don’t Inject Steroids – They Eat Organically and Boost Testosterone Naturally

Chances are that if you see a seriously built up guy dianabol walking down the street that you are looking at a person who is illegally using steroids, and that he has zero natural testosterone production to the extent that for all the big muscles, he probably has shrunken his testicles because they no longer produce testosterone. These men are a no more real man than a padded bra are real breasts on a woman.

Not only have these men cheated nature’s ability to produce all the testosterone that they need to build muscle, because their brains have detected the flood of synthetic hormones in their blood, their pituitary gland has sent its message to their testicles turning off all natural production of testosterone.

Of course these muscle-bound fools don’t care – they only see the short-term gain injecting steroids to their ego and they have no regard for the long-term damage done to their bodies. In fact most of these narcissists probably cannot take their eyes away from their reflection in the mirror to check that their testicles have shrunk from lack of use. The reality is that had these men moved towards organically grown foods and chosen diet supplements to boost their own natural production of testosterone that the muscle burning exercise that they do undertake would have built the same levels of muscle they are currently in love with – plus their testicles would not have reduced in size because they would still be fertile and busy producing both testosterone and sperm.