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Spruce Up Your Costume With Spooky Halloween Contact Lenses

Adding spooky Halloween contact lenses to your costume might be just what sets you apart from all other ghouls and goblins at the party. If you have ever seen someone with these special lenses, you probably can agree that they leave an impression. The choices are virtually endless and you are sure to find a set of contacts perfect for your costume this year. Here are some particulars to consider when looking around.

There are basically four different kinds of specially contact lenses:

Visibility-colored lenses: You are less likely to lose this type as the lenses are applied with light blue or green tint. Putting them in or taking them out is easier as the color allows you to see them better. Even with the color, they do not affect the eye color.

Enhancement-colored lenses: As the name implies, this type of lenses will enhance the original color of your eyes.

Light-filtering contacts: These lenses only enhance certain colors making it easier to see the specific colors of things, such as the yellow of a tennis ball. They enhance the color allowing it to stand out and help the player see it better.

Opaque color lenses: For those looking to completely change the color of their eyes, these will do the trick. These are the type you are looking for in Halloween contact lenses.

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