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Use One of the Best Muscle Building Tips to Build Muscle Fast

Want to know one of the best muscle building tips which will help you build muscle fast? Read this article to find out this often unknown technique. Building muscle is a long, slow and hard process. You probably know this and want find out other ways to build muscle. Well done this is a great first step to working smarter to achieve your muscle building goals.

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One of the biggest problems people have when trying to increase their muscle size and strength is doing the same workouts every time. Your body adapts very quickly to any stimulus you provide it with (like doing weights). Therefore it is important to diversify your workouts every 3 weeks or so, (your body’s genetics determines how many times you need to change your workouts). You can of course change variables like sets and reps, but there is a whole range of other muscle building tips and techniques we can use to build muscle fast. Which brings us onto the rest pause method.

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Rest Pause Training

Rest pause training is a form of weight lifting were you perform a rep then rest for a short period before before doing another rep, until all the reps are completed in this fashion. The reason this works so well is that after a rep you give your muscle a short time to restore it’s ATP stores and basically recover. Then when you perform the next rep you perform another great quality rep and get a lot of tension onto the muscle, (which is vitally important to build muscle). The basic principal is your perform quality reps every time and not flop about the gym pushing out half reps.

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